VST / AU / AAX Plugin Development

In these revolutionary times of digital audio age, Ziyamet Developer Team offers top quality, innovative industry standart audio DSP solutions for Windows and Mac platforms such as VST, AU, AAX plugins and iOS applications that aimed at software companies, musicians, music producers & software editors looking for innovative and powerful audio software.

Wide Range of Plugin Development

Ziyamet development team has already been developing audio plugins for software companies for years. Our development portfolio has a large spectrum of processing types that include almost every kind of plugins, such as;

  • Synthesizers / Romplers / Sampler Instruments with realistic articulations
  • Historical Analog Unit Models
  • Equalizers / Filters
  • Distortion / Saturation Units
  • Dynamic Processors (Compressors, Limiters, Gain/Expanders)
  • Reverbs / Delays
  • Guitar Amps & Processorss
  • Chorus / Phaser Modulation Units

Modeling Analog Equipment

Ziyamet team develops exremely accurate analog equipment models with circuit modeling and measuring real machine techniques. Our qualified team will handle it for you. 


Whether you are a professional and would like Ziyamet to create greatest plugins / apps for you or your company, contact us with an e-mail describing your project.


We’re here to support you 24/7.  Please send your support enquiry to:

support [at] ziyamet [dot] com